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Kingdom & Lords apk game
In this game, you will have a chance to make a big battle against a Dark King, build a powerful kingdom to fight against the dark king who is spreading frustration and insecurity among the people of your territory so now this is the time to take action against disruptor king who is doing bad with innocent so why you are having silent and why not raise your hand to stop him. This is the game all about the past history of plunder and looting and also occupying as in the past barbarian made invade on tribes and territories to occupy other's properties as that time there was lack of food to eat so powerful groups began to loot, steal goods of others so that was not a good thing as stealing other's goods, properties and taking over crops ,I think that was illegal use so this game provides you the environment of the past history when these invade were made against simple and powerless people by a Dark King , so one of that war comes back so you are taking part in this battle against the Dark King to defeat him and save the goods and properties of simple innocent people of your territories, under your leadership you have to make a big deal with disruptor Dark king,  you need the best strategy as in every battlefield there is required a best war strategy to defeat the enemy to win the battle and to make your enemy lose in the field of the war so in this game you need to create the best opportunity of finance by growing crops and fruits trees and build a powerful worriers army to defend your territories and villages from disruption of barbarians and their Dark king, if you have good qualities of fight and wisdom you can face all the challenges and can establish your own kingdom where your all territories people and villagers will be with you to run the dark king away , all the villagers will be very cooperative with you and there are more chances to be establishment of your kingdom.

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