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         Welcome to Super Mario Run APK game , It's impressive just how much Super Mario run the magic of a Mario game despite stripping away an enormous part of the original formula that part being the ability to control Mario's movements in this game of the world's most famous Italian plumber runs along automatically leapfrogs over low platforms and even enemies leaving you only in charge of his signature springy leap .You can do a quick hop with the top of the touchscreen or a giant jump by holding down for longer you can ping off walls to zigzag up to higher areas spring off an enemy's head and stall in midair to manage your decent the end result is that you feel like a Mario speed runner ,determinately holding the run and right buttons and bouncing from platform to enemy to peace which without a moment to look back or breath .It's exhilarating  in its speed and it's relentless but that could describe any number of endless runner on the App store what makes Mario better is the level design , a clever algorithm but developed by proper Mario designer they match the speed and fluidity of the game perfectly with loads of opportunity for balletic movements as you carefully bounce from Goomba to Goomba only to rock it off through a string of shiny gold coins .

              Every level has its own idea and focus from quirky Ghosthouse puzzles to cannons ripped out of Donkey Kong country 2 spinnin blades that chase you through claustrophobic spaces ideas are introduced toyed with and often thrown away there are only 24 levels borrowing some bonuses but i think you will want to return to play to these again and again because getting to the goal is just the beginning there are online leaderboards plus each Stages is also littered with cheeky pink coins and you need to nab all five in one go , come back after that and stage is filled with purple  coins which are even harder to grab and once again for black coins getting all the coins on all the levels is going to be the true test of the Mario Super fan .

            You will need to learn the levels nail every jump and make smart use of pause blocks which stop Mario in his tracks giving you a chance to let platforms and enemies move to right spot and your tube bubbles which let you drift back to an earlier part of the earlier part of the level .Ultimately Mario feels more technical , if we compare, than the knockout silliness of most endless runners including the excellent Rayman Games .This is a game you will play with your iPhone , you execute every jump and hunt down every colored coin it's fun but also challenging .

General information about  SUPER MARIO RUN APK game
Size                                78mb
Offered by                      Nintindo Co LTD
Released on                   Mar22,2017
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