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            Basically, in this game  you work at a fast-food joint and you are trying to build yourself stand food, build up your own your food company and the basic role the food industry so, here on the screen your main menu when you play the game, cookbook option help awards Hall, you have to do is to type in your name and then go ahead and hit play button there are three different difficulties are easy, normal and hard just go with normal if you are beginner, here is essentially a cartoon storyboard the storyline, there is a city, everything is kind of jumbo in this game even burgers are jumbo that's just to make it more appealing  to the eye,

            In this game there are multiple goals you need to achieve to complete the quest, start your first day at the cafe, the cafe is open, complete a day serving customers in return you will get experience and coins, play this fantastic Stand O'Food MOD app game to start your first working day on your own cafe in Stand O'Food city. Use the jukebox to start playing fancy music and buy yourself some time to finish the orders of the customers, get ready! here comes your first customer of the day you see when a customer comes to the counter an image appears which thing that the customer wants to buy if there appears a Burger image it means he or she wants to buy a Burger so you must serve it Burger but it may be different thing, not just a Burger as because you are owner of a Food stand and you provide all type of fast food especially European food.

              By the way, if a customer wants a Burger just tap on Burger and this is ready to serve, if we talk about your win when the customer gets its desired food, for example, Burger and you get the coins after doing that be ready for some more. You can use the plate to hold the items. If you are not ready to complete the first customer's order on time, no problem, go ahead and make the second customer's sandwich first instead as because the second one wants to buy a sandwich but first wants Burger but Burger is not yet ready, don't be panic try to perform the second task instead first, if in the game you make a mistake that you have tapped the wrong ingredient, tap the undo arrow on the right to put it back. At the end of the working day you see all the record as a file is opened on the screen and you can see the performance, your profit, customers served, customers lost, Burger sold etc. If you need help with the Quest Goal, tap 'FIND' button. In the next quest, you see the sign over the building shows that some products have been produced, tap on it to collect the products so manage your business nicely in the game and earn coins.

General information about Stand O'Food MOD apk game

Size                                                      360mb
Offered by                                                G5  Entertainment
Released on                                             Sep 4,2014                                                                               
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