Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari MOD Apk Download for Android

     Welcome to Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari MOD apk

             Hello, everybody, I'm Umar, and today I played a game that was "Sky Zoo Safari " it was too entertaining and interesting so I wanted to share this game playing experience.
This game looks pretty freaking cool looks kind of crusty rody but you get to lasso a boy and I have always wanted to lasso a boy a great, handsome guy and dog that looks cool, he is a different colored shirt which is fine press and hold to do as that lasso boy get moves coming at horsey and then you have to release to throw and then hold and then hold on and then this is freaking weird when I was playing  I was just lassoing my way across these hoses and then I didn't drag to scare. The game where you are sort of woody from toy story jumping from what looks like Minecraft mod animals so, the whole point in this game is the other Zoo where you capture animals and you open it families and then they give you money so you can go to find more animals. 

                    It's a bit of an animal shop really the game is famous for its realistic type of animals such as the 'candy corn' and ' jello fund self ago ' now I'm playing this awesome game right now in this time in the game I'm now on a Buffalo and there I can see growing some lovely trees, feeling a pleasing person be on their backs right, you keep going through all that, you have to let go of the screen to jump of animal and then hold again one known the yellow circle to last you onto them I know that animals are really wrist a lot of giraffes, kick them out away this is actually what I want to do too. If first attempt is bit of failing so, try it again hopefully try and get a new species of animals as about me as about my performance in the game was as I managed to get some well I have got some Buffalo some strange type of zebra an old stage with a guitar a peacock and random colored elephants.

            You are going to take part in it, most welcome in ''sky zoo safari '' Lions, Bears and Tigers, ride on them but first catch them all to put in your zoo. Choose your hero, drag to steer, you befriend cape Buffalo, swipe the photo to get the perfect angle then shoot, upgrading animal habits unlocks new abilities in the stampede, tap on the Buffalo encloser to select it, build a nice habit so that visitors can view the Buffalo, to earn some money, open the zoo to visitors.

General Information about Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari MOD apk

Size                                              167mb
Offered by                                    Yodo 1 Games
Released on                                  Jun 22,2016

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