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              Do you like drawing? If yes okay in this game your job is to create a professional Monster girl pictures and we will see that how you are talented in this skill, create your own cute monster character but first we talk about 'Monster Girl Maker APK game ' gameplay, recently they added a ton of new stuff to the game so I thought that might be fun to walk through it with you guys and look it on the new stuff. The art is by ghoul kiss I really like this game it's so relaxing to play, here are all of our options and you can see which ones are new, we can have like human ears, you can change the colour of them, there is so much new stuff and there is like blush and stuff, you gotta like pick a colour there are black and white stripes that's so cool, you can make a weird like a dragon girl or an alien girl something. You can draw spiral cheeks, star cheeks so cool and eye makeup if you want to do, you can have like cool layering effects of like a melting slime girl that's like actually a different shape and you can draw something like a catgirl, you can take cat ears and mouse ears for your monster girl drawing as you like it depend on you that what you like and what shape you want to create here in this game your creativity will help you to create your own masterpiece,

           Pick your favourite colour for it multiple colours are available in the toolkit and too many effects all the stuff which that normally any photo editor software has, use this stuff to draw your own masterpiece I mean your monster girl, in other words, an alien girl or maybe you can also say a weird girl. In this game you just do a drawing job like first drawing a face shape and put ears and eyes with various effects you pick a colour, not just one but much more to create an appealing shape, actually, you create a scary shape or face similar a monster girl. Just hurry up play this one amazing game open game canvas that allows you to create a monster girl (character), select, swap and colour parts such as skin, eyes, hair, legs and arms and clothes also.

General information about  Monster Girl Maker APK game

Size                                                    53mb

Offered by                                         Ghoulkiss

Released on                                        Aug17,2018

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