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    Welcome to Mario Kart Tour game, now we are going to play this fantastic game and I  will share life experience with you of the gameplay and now countdown starts 1... 2... and 3 okay I'm officially playing a 3Ds Mario Kart track on my iPad we are through the looking glass hello everyone my name is Umar this is Mario Kart Tour which is now officially out in the UK in the US and Pakistan and everywhere else. Android, iPhone, iPad you can get it right now and I think it's a game is gonna a cause a lot of delight and perhaps a little bit of controversy because let's focus on the good stuff first of all which is kind of feels like Mario Kart properly really genuinely does the steering is all handled very simple it's an automatically acceleration. Go and pull up get the coins get them all you need to do is drag left or drag right you can see the arrow moving according to where your thumb is placed and all you need to do is tap on the screen to activate whatever items you have collected your blue shells and the races themselves look like they're multiplayer they're not I'm pretty sure I'm racing against ghosts right now even though they are behind me you have not seen much of them I can up to the higher ones in a bit where the controversy kicks in.

            This game has a very odd subscription service involved in it so it's free to play and it's changed since it's a beta which I believe has a heart system an energy system whereby it would count down the more you played and eventually lock you out after a while this system doesn't seem to be in the final release which is arguably a great thing so you can just carry and play as much as you want in its place it's got a lot of in app purchases so you can buy lot of stuff which is cosmetic you can buy a bunch of stuff which is course the Karts the Characters and then the different gliders as well but they are all behind a Gacha wall you collect rubies and rubies themselves allow you to launch one of the pipes and the pipes let you fire out your additional characters and what not so its gadget system you know all randomly assigned characters you have to play and play and grind to get them if you want to pay for pounds nine a month you can get the 200cc and I think some additional items that are pretty much cosmetic and that's multiplayer for real kicks.

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This game yet not released all information of the gameplay is taken by its trailer

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