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Welcome to Fish Mania MOD apk with unlimited free money

                Hi I'm a game reviewer and going to be doing a review on this game, gaming app called Fish Mania apparently on this game, you are supposed to be able to make money while playing games so,I want to give a review because I feel like the people that give their reviews on this game but they don't actually clearly explain, it is all on make money see on the left at top it shows the coins you have that's pertaining towards the game, I have been playing this game for two months now the more you make the less they pay you I think this is going for every game app that says that you can get paid by playing games apparently the more the faster you play the higher ranking you get the lower payouts you receive but you are only able to cash out on this after had made ten dollars in PayPal.

         The aquarium is that when you get a new fish at the top left it shows that thumbs up you click that you get five extra energy credits towards your arm fishing then you want to go back to fishing the bottom there is your accumulated credits for those fish you have cotton in your aquarium and that's over the lifetime of you having those fish without cashing out so, every time you cash out it starts fresh from zero, now since it's going by the number of times I start fish Mania.
Fish Mania MOD APK
Fish Mania MOD APK

           As I bought twenty hooks so I have to catch 20 fish every time I cast my line and that's why it takes so long to finish to get to the next opportunity to make cashback as I spent to purchase 20 hooks, it depend on your pocket that allow you to buy more than 20 or less but as about me when I started to play this awesome game that is well known as Fish Mania I purchased 20 hooks for catching fish. I basically just keep going deeper I don't try to get any more hooks because I realized I was screwing me and I just tried to keep going deeper, on the top screen a menu where you can see ranking list the people who have earned dollars by just playing this unlimited money game, you can also rank in them if you play with a strategy, understand gameplay tactics, anyways you click this lucky cash thing and you get it once every while now mines is every seventeen casts of my book then I will get the opportunity to make real money and so I will click this lucky cash and I will have only the one chance to catch it if I miss it then I have to wait for 17 more casts of my line before I get the opportunity to make this lucky cash again so,I have to go through the process of catching those twenty fish, but what happened when I complete my target as I finally caught 20 fish I get a bottle and there is money but don't know how much is out there when I accept it and open, oh my god big win wow one penny haha big win is one fucking penny when American dollar is not worth anything, they are kidding me.

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Download size ;           30mb
Offered by ;                  Aroma Games 
Released on ;                Mar 18 ,2019

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