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Farm Heroes Super Saga MOD apk

     Welcome to Farm Heroes Super Saga MOD apk game
     I'm going to play this game, it's so interesting, I will recommend you, people, to check it out also, I know how to play these sorts of games so, I don't really need tutorials I can just complete about 20 levels in this video game I'm just so used to playing these games now I actually just sit down and play them for hours and hours there is actually is such a cool way of just chilling out on a nighttime before you go to sleep .if you match up for crops is in a square you can make a super crop. Make more matches this game is so adorable, I can tell just from this that they have updated the graphics a lot since the last game and I think that's like a hundred and fifty levels in this, one too which is insane okay we go to the next level at the top screen there you can see how many things you need to collect as I need to collect one of these water droplets so I click on that, I need 15 purple guys and also 15 banana guys these are just these are so cute I can't get over it look at their little faces.

              When you play it first time and you push the button and it says there is a 'country show ' okay so, it looks like somebody is competing for a prize you get the character on the left and character on the right ,I'm assuming one is good and one is bad ,one on the right seems to be  to the next image and he is pouring water into what looks like a little bit of a fruit there however the one on the left hand side is doing much much better and his actual fruit seems to be growing much faster and more beautiful but what is the spray I wonder what the spray has been stolen by the purple character oh that is a thief ,now when he sprays his beautiful little vegetable and well it doesn't look super cool so basically rancid has been cheating and we need to actually stop him by wining the next country show so, I think we can do that as a team based effort or maybe individually so let's go and have a look at what's involved in the game according to this you need to target the cropsies , you will get some fruit there that look like the other cropsies and in the case tomatoes you have got to slide it down and make a group ,
                    it seems to be a matching game there you need to collect required resources in this case tomatoes that seems relatively easy so moving tomatoes you can take from the bottom you take from the left on the right it doesn't matter where you seem to take them from but as long as you match them up .if you can't actually make a pair you can move of the other fruit out of the way thus allowing more to fall down and maybe even to get some fruit as well . I wonder if I kind of like do more and more of the fruit together do I get more points does that seems to give me more of a score after the end of the level my score show on the scoreboard and you can see there a lot of people on the right-hand side with high scores and you compare your score among them.

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Released on                                                             Jun 27,2016

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Farm Heroes Super Saga Apk

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