Call of Duty Heroes APK game free download for android

Call of Duty Heroes APK game free download for android

           Welcome to Call of Duty APK game, hello everyone I'm Umar and playing Call of Duty game sometime sharing with you my gameplay experience okay, first let me just get behind a wall as I'm right now fighting with my enemies you know everyone's special in their own way right guys as you know it is not safe way to be stand up open area you know they may kill me. it's a shooter game, I have played all the Call of Duty games their single-player campaign over the past few years I'm not a big multiplayer guy so this is something new experience to me and if you have been a player for all these years and certain things will be familiar about this version of the game. I understand they are using lots of classic multiplayer maps so you might already wander out and immediately recognize the battlefield which gives you a nice wonderful advantage but talk about me I'm learning all this stuff as I go and the main reason I'm playing is to discover how well they have kind of converted the controls and the general overall experience onto mobile in the way that makes it not feel terrible like some of these games really really can and will try and do some long-distance sniping that will do you nicely the quick reload here so you are a couple of control schemes as one of them being expert and one of them being the one I'm using where you can take aim manually and press the fire button but of course that means at the moment you press into aim it will start firing and I don't really want to do.

             You get airstrikes by drones the initial impression I  get in the game is quite a good one. This feels nice it feels fluid it feels fast the aiming system is sensitive enough for me to be able to pinpoint headshots for quite some distance even using a non-scope based weapon. I understand that in some logic play modes or perhaps all of them there is a revive system where you can go over and bring them back to life that is something new that you don't have in lots of this kind of games and of course there is the obligatory battle royale mode which pretty much every single online shooter has to have law now we had some fairy positive experiences. I'm just exploring in a nice chill casual way, I will be interested to see what everyone else's opinion of this I think broadly speaking it's been quite positive you have to deal with all the free to play gubbins of course and yes you can unlock a battle pass mode and all of that but I'm just using free stuff at the moment, for me, it's a second to second shooter experience that I'm interested in how well they have managed to convey. The final killcam stuff can be quite anticlimactic, usually, the last shot is not a beautiful headshot from half a mile away. I will highly recommend you this Call of Duty game if you like this kind of one person shooting game.

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