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        This one is a clicker game it's a tapper game where you just tap the screen and so, here's where the brutally honest part comes in terms of how I feel about this game when first I started playing it I was like there's nothing to this game it's not even a game an hour later I kid you not an hour later I'm still playing this game and it was really funny because there is actually a quote that comes up on the screen sometimes you enter the level and it says it feels like the game is playing itself then why don't you just put it down and it's so true. The game is so simplistic yet so addicting it's crazy and it looks beautiful too so look at this is the world view in it where you kind of can move the map around and take a look at the world, there is the first set of levels the second set of levels and third set of levels.

           The third level is difficult but of the other levels are fairly simple like I said it kind of plays itself at the start but it gets harder and harder as you go on and so I met a boss fight right now and I wanted to show you gamers for you know how difficult the game actually is. You move down a level and there are these slugs who get in your face and they basically stop you and then there other stuff around the map that you can tap and open up you get coins as you play through the game you actually unlock these little guys down here your friends and what's cool about that is you can actually get stronger and stronger friends but you can also spend your coins to level it up, there are different feeds for each category down here which is pretty crazy so, what's cool is they all have these special attacks so you can see in the Best Fiend Forever apk game.

     These little guys are standing on their little platform here with the yellow-green the purple in the red, you spend your coins to kind of upgrade your character so if you tap down there you can see the levels up right there if you reach level 10 you get a gift to reach direct on level 20, it's crazy short cut you have chance to reach directly level 10 to 20 wow it's pretty cool as I'm playing this Best Friend Forever I spent zero money on this. When you don't play the game but you are rewarded so well even you are not playing game, you could spend those coins to upgrade your fiends, when you go to fight with boss you see right there is hard so basically what you have to do is, tap red line moving in your yellow line it's mean you are losing then there is no possible way to win this that time there is a trick you should use that out there which is using special attacks especially use thunder-strike to eliminate the boss of the game.

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Size:                                              114mb
Offered by                               Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.
Released on                               Des 10,2014

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