FRAG Pro Shooter

Frag Pro shooter is an updated game on google play store for android users developed by Oh Bibi. The Frag Pro shooter IOS version is also available for download at our site for IOS users.
The company has offered much other game Dino Factory, Motor world and all the game are free to play.
o   Introduction to the game
o   Additional information
o   Features of the game
o   Download Frag Pro shooter IOS
o   Download Frag Pro shooter Android

Introduction to the game:

Frag Pro Shooter is a multiplayer shooter game and has some resemblance to clash royal game.
In clash royal and Frag pro shooter you have to collect cards to upgrade your heroes. If you collect more cards for any hero of the game then the hero becomes more powerful and collect more points to win the game.
By collecting cards you can damage more and skills are added to your hero.

Additional Information:

The game is updated on March 1 ,2019, the size of the game is 98M. It requires Android 4.3 and higher to run the game smoothly. The reviews for the game is 4.5 and you can find the reviews and some good comments for the game directly on google play store reviews.

Features of the game:

The game has some good features those are as under.
                Good graphics and sounds
                Choose your ideal hero
                Selection of characters
                Challenge player for 1v1 battle

The game has some good graphics and sound development and the player of the game feels in real battlefield due to quality graphics and the sound system of the game.
The second feature of the game is to choose your ideal hero form 4o characters and you can swap your hero whenever you feel necessary to change.

The game also provides an opportunity to develop your own battlefield according to your choice and needs.

The Frog Pro shooter is a 1V1 battle game and you can challenge thousands of the players for the battle online.

The game is free to play for both operating system Android and IOS.

Download Frag Pro shooter IOS:

We the download apk pure have provided both versions of the game for Android and IOS. To download Frag Pro IOS version of the game we have provided the link below. The link will redirect you to the apple store for downloading of the game.
You can download the apple version of the game for your apple devices.

Frag pro shooter IOS Download

Download Frag Pro shooter Android

For the Android users to download Frag Pro shooter we have given the link below. The link will guide you to google play store to download Frag Pro Shooter APK for google.

Frag Pro Shooter APK Download

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