Candy crush saga download apk

Candy crush saga is developed by King the popular company for developing puzzle games. The company has also developed many other games like Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga and many more.

                Introduction to the Candy Crush Saga
                Features of the game
                Reviews to the game
                Download Candy crush Android
                Download Candy crush App iPhone

Introduction to the Candy Crush Saga:

Candy crush is the most popular Puzzle game among the category of puzzle game available for Android and iPhone currently.
The Game is recently updated to its latest version on 15th March 2019 and available to download for android and IOS users with different platforms.

The Candy Crush Saga is frequently updated every week and it is not necessary to download the game on a weekly bases, the Android device will automatically updated the game for the original source.

Features of the Game:

The game when introduce initially was not too much popular and after some time it becomes so famous and currently more than 90 million users around the world. Attracting such number of users is not a little job that candy crush has achieved with short time.

The developer of the game is frequently updating the game on weekly bases and new updates are available to the users of the game this is another reason for the popularity of the game.

Although there are more than a hundred levels but every two weeks a new level is added to the Candy Crush game.
The game has different modes to play.
With the modes of the game here are some most played modes:
o   Time level mode
o   Score mode
o   Drop down mode

The main and the key feature of the game is the availability to users for free to play. The basic game is available for all to play freely but for additional items, you have to spend money to purchase the additional items.

Reviews to the game:

As the game is highly demanding and you will find a large number of reviews on both Google and Apple stores.  

The game is reviewed by 24,602,234 users and the rating for the game is 4.4 and on the other hand, on the Apple store, the game is reviewed by 3.5 k users and the rating for the game is 4.5.
The game supports more than 20 major languages worldwide.

Download Candy crush Android:

 To download candy crush for Android we have provided the link below for android users. By clicking the downloading link you will be redirected to Google Play store for direct download the latest version of the game.

Candy crush saga download apk 

Download Candy crush App iPhone:

To download candy crush sage for iOS and iPhone you need to follow the below link. By clicking the link you will be redirected to apple store for downloading of the game.
Remember candy crush requires iOS 8 or higher operating system for smooth running of the game on your Apple device.

Download candy crush iPhone  

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