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Vainglory 5v5 is an updated game provided by Super Evil Megacorp. Like other 5v5 games, the vainglory is a popular download on google play store.

The most important for the game is that it is selected game or in other words, the game is listed in Editor Choice. When we are talking choice by the editor means editor of play store games and vainglory is include in the list of editor choose games.

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Features of the game:

The game has some unique features this makes the game different from other games:-
·         Graphics of the game
·         Game time
·         Available for different platforms
                                                               i.      Vainglory for windows
                                                             ii.      Vainglory for MAC
·         Reviews for the game
·         Languages
·         Additional information for the game
·         Downloading link for the game

Graphics of Game:

As the game is updated on 16 February 2019 and the graphics of the game is updated according to the currently available resources and technologies.

Due to a recent update with graphic qualities the game look much attractive to the users of the game.

Game time and groups:

Vainglory game battle game and the time duration for the game is thirty minutes to play the game. The developer of the game consider the time for the game and within 30 minutes the player has to win the game.
 There are four in the game with different characters.  We categorize the characters, each character has its own role in the game. The abilities of these four characters are also different for each other character.

Availability for different platforms:

When talking to google play store there are only games for Android users because Google owns the Android operating system and for the promotion of the operating system they only publish the games for android.

With Vainglory the scenario is totally different and you can download the game for Windows operating system as well as for MAC operating system.

Vainglory for Windows PC:

You can download the game for windows operating system platform for the developer website. Here is the downloading link for windows operating the system by clicking the link you will redirect to download area for Vainglory for PC version.
For windows download the .exe file and after completing the download click the downloaded file this will launch the windows installer. Just follow the steps to finishing the installation of the game.

Download Vainglory for PC

Vainglory for MAC:

To download the game for MAC operating system just follow the link below this will guide you to download the game for MAC operating system.

Download Vainglory for MAC

Languages for the game:

Some google play store game is specific for certain languages but vainglory supports 14 different languages to the users of the game.

Reviews for the game:

Visiting google play store you will see some good comments by the users of the game. Till to date, the game is reviewed by 680,916 users at play store and the current rating for the game is 4.4 out of total 5.

Additional information for the game:

The game is updated on February 16, 2019, the size of the game is 15M, currently installed on 10000000 system.

The above statics for only google play store and does not include for downloading the game and this only focus the android users only and does not cover PC and MAC users as the game is available for other mentioned platforms also.

Free to Play:

The developer of the game offers the Vainglory game free to play for the users of different operating systems.

Downloading link for the game:

To install Vainglory for your android you will follow the below link for direct installation for google play store. The link will install the game on the Android system only.

For PC and MAC operating system we have put the downloading link for the respective operating system so please follow the links above.

For other updated and newly published game for different operating system please keep visiting our home page.

Finally, we would request to share the game on your social media.

Vainglory Apk Download

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