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Rules of Survival is an updated action game provided by NetEaseGame.  The company has released some other good games and the current game Rules of Survival is the top game among the listed games by NetEase Games.

We have added the official Trailer for the game so before you download the game watch the game introduction. It will make you clear about the game and the nature of the Rule of Survival games.

The game is updated on 30 January 2019 and available to download on google play store and I have also provided the link to download the game at the end of the article. You can either download the game form my site or you can also download rules of survival for google play store.

We at the downloadapkpure are doing our best to provide new and updated games to the users of the site. The games and apps that we are providing are the results of top searches on google and other search engines. Rules of survival game Apk for download is the most recent updated game on google play and we have made it available to our users of the site.

Some other action popular games like PUBG the Rule of Survival is becoming popular among action games day by day.
The Game is Reviewed by 1,611,685 users and the current rating for the game is 4.2 out of total score 5.  When the games receive the reviews above 4.0 the game is considered to the top level in the gaming category. Rule of Survival game has 4.2 rating on google play store.
Here are some key features of the game.

High definition Graphics:-

Every game depends on the quality of the graphics for the users how it looks and what type of environment is provided to the user in the game. The first step to the game for becoming popular is the high definition graphics of the game for the new users.
Rules of survival are developed with high definition graphics environment and the users of the game feel the gaming environment in the real world.

Players in the game:-

Like many other action games, rules of survival has 120 players equipped with full of weapons and vehicles on an island. Playing the game the last man standing is the only winner of the game.

Modes of the game:-

Rule of Survival game offers different types of gaming modes. The game provides the opportunity to play in groups. You can also play the game individually.

Additional information about the game:-

The game is updated on 30th January 2019 and the size of the game is 59M.  The game is played more than 230 million users worldwide. The game requires Android 4.0 and higher operating system to play the game.


As per practices is committed to providing the best rated and newly updated games to their users with the additional information of the game. Some users have commented on our site regarding the games they like.
In recent comments, some users have demanded to provide some new games which are not available on google play store due to some reasons.
With next update, we will come with those games for our users and we will make sure the availability of the game at our site.

Downloading link for the Game:-

Finally, we are providing the downloading link for the game below you can download the required the game directly.

Remember, your comments are always valuable to us so please do comment on the game and also share the game with your social media. Keep visiting downloadapkpure for latest updates regarding Android games and apps.


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