Rise of Civilization Apk for Android

Rise of Civilization for Android is an updated game on google play store developed by Lilith Games. The game is updated on February 1, 2019, and available to download for game loving users. The game is also known as Rise of Kingdoms.

The developer of the game has also developed some other games those are also available to users at play store but Rise of Civilization is the most popular among the other games by the same company Lilith Games.

·         Introduction to the game
·         Features of the game
·         Downloading link
·         Additional information
·         Conclusion

Introduction to Game:-

Rise of civilization is a strategy game and you will find the game under the category of strategy game. When observing the name civilization it really comes to the mind that the game is developed for different societies in the world where we are living.
 The Game covers eight different world-famous civilizations like British, Romans, Chinese, Spanish, Japan, Korea, France, and Germany.

Features of the game:-

Here are some key features of the game rise of civilization.

Unique Civilizations:-

As it is already mentioned above the game has a unique feature that covers the eight famous world civilizations. This civilization in history tries to expend their civilization over the world. Perhaps someone who has a grip over the history of the world may know about these civilizations.

The Rise of Civilization Game for PC and Android is developed to focus these civilizations of the world. The game is also somehow, resemblance with another popular game on google play store that is a Clash of Clans.

Both games have the almost same idea and both are almost equal popular download ratio over the web.

Real-time Battle:-

Like other games focus on the battlefield the Rise of civilization also offers the real-time battle game. You can join a team on the battlefield and can leave the team any time. When talking to civilizations of the real world the battles among civilization are not pre-calculated and can happen any time. The game has the same theme and you can send some troops to counter-attack on the opponent or attacker’s city.

New rounds of the game:-

By starting new rounds in the game you are allowed the choose the eight different famous civilization of the world. After choosing the civilization you start the game with some hunts and by continuing the activities in the game you build a big city to survive till last time.
While playing the game Rise of Civilization you have to play certain roles as a player. The key roles of a player are.

o   Strengthen the empire.
o   Expanding to nearby areas
o   Always keep eye on external threats

Attractive graphics of the game:-

The game is equipped and developed with the new technology of high definition graphics makes the game more attractive to the user. The high graphics make the game different for the others and due to the good graphics the locations, buildings and other places in the game looks more attractive to the users of the game.

Downloading Link for the Game:-

At the end of the game summary, we have provided the downloading link for the game Rise of Civilization. You can download the game by clicking the downloading link. The link will guide you to google play store to download the game.

Additional information to the game:-

Some additional information regarding the game is as follows.
The game till to date (10 February 2019) is reviewed by 327315 users ant the rating review for the game is 4.6. Rating above 4.5 is considered good for the game.
The current version of the game is requires 4.1 and higher operating system to install and play the game smoothly.  The size of the game is 52M.


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