PUBG MOBILE LITE free Apk download

PUBG MOBILE LITE free Apk download is another highly downloading game on google play store and now we the also make it available for the users of the site for free download PUBG MOBILE LITE + Date to our users.

PUBG MOBILE developed by Tencent become popular and highly downloaded game on google is part of Battle Royale games in equally popular on mobile and as well as the PC version of the game. The lite version of the game is developed to focus the users who do not have good devices to support the game. The game is specially designed to support those devices with less configuration while the other version of the game can run only with the high configuration on the android devices and PC.
We have made the availability of both versions at and you can also download the games for google play store directly. I am providing both links for download the game at the end of the article.

Here are some key features of the game PUBG MOBILE LITE.

1.       Player of the game
2.       HD Audio and video
3.       Weapons in the game
4.       Play with team
5.       Additional information
6.       Download PUBG MOBILE LITE + Data

1.       Players of the Game:

Unlike PUBG Mobile LITE version of the game has fewer players in the game.  The LITE version of the game has only 40 members in the game and the area in 2x2 km island while, with other versions of the game has 8x8 km island and 100 players are participating in the original version of the game.

2.       HD Audio and video

This is the Battle Royal Game with realistic gameplay environment. While playing the game you will certainly feel the change in the graphic of the game that is due to Unreal Engine 4 technology used in the gaming graphics.
While playing the game you will also enjoy the sound system used in the game. The sound system is in 3D currently available highest sound effects in the game.
3.       Weapons in the game

Although there are some changes with the area of the game and reduce in the number of players in the game the reason behind is to support the game to run on low capable devices. There is no big change for the weapons system in the game and you can use the almost same weapons like PUBG MOBILE original version.
The weapons like M4A1s, AKs, and other shooting guns are available to the players of the game.

4.       Play with the team:-

The Game also offers to play the game in a team environment. You can invite your friends to play the game. You can coordinate with your friends with voice chat with friends, design plans to play the game.

5.       Additional information:-

The game is updated on December 14, 2018, and the size of the game is 34M till to date the game is installed over 5000000 systems.

PUBG MOBILE LITE requires Android 4.0 and up and the version of the game is 0.10.0. The game is reviewed by total 282554 users and current rating for the game is 4.4.

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7.       Download PUBG MOBILE LITE + Data:-

Finally, I am providing the link to download PUBG MOBILE LITE. You can download the game form the below link directly and play the game with your own device.


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