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Free Antivirus 2019 Apk is a produce of Hyper Speed a well-reputed company develops security systems. The company has developed other applications like Super Speed Clean, Supper Phone Clean, and AppLocker-Fingerprint.

Antivirus Free 2019-Virus Scan & Removal, Cleaner

is a multifunction Application has the capability to scan for viruses, protection from virus, It also clean junk files for Android devices, boosts the speed of the device, provides to lock certain application of your choice, protect battery by battery saver option and many other features are available with Free Antivirus 2019 Apk.

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Features of Free Antivirus 2019.

The antivirus 2019 is one of the product which combines not only antivirus qualities but, this also includes many other functions those are under step by step.

o   Antivirus
o   Phone cleaner
o   Battery Saver
o   Security system
o   Cache Cleaner
o   Apps locker
o   Notification cleaner
o   Call blocker
o   Enhance CPU

1.       Security system

Free Antivirus 2019- Virus scan & Removal not only clean and removes viruses from your system is also providing a complete security system to protect from other threads. The antivirus engine serves 24 hours to protect your Android device and it has the best antivirus engine.

2.       Enhance the speed of Phone.

Free Antivirus 2019 has the inbuilt function called phone booster. This function of the app remove viruses and other unnecessary items from the phone and enhance the speed of the phone by virus scan and removal of viruses from the phone.

3.       Antivirus Cache Cleaner.

One of the best features of Free Antivirus 2019 is cleaning Cache and Junk Files for your phone storage. When you are browsing the internet through your phone some unnecessary files stores to the phone form different websites. When you browse the same site next time 30% of the site is already saved in your phone storage and for remaining data phone uses the internet. This process dumps a lot of unnecessary files on your phone storage.

Free Antivirus 2019 has the capability to remove all the cache and Junk files from the phone and by this your storage on the phone automatically enhance.

4.       Application Locker

There is another good and working function of free antivirus 2019 is to provide app lock facility to the phone users.
The users of the phone can lock some apps of his choice the lock apps are only access able to him/her.

When someone tries to open the lock apps the app locker take photo of the users and display the photo to the admin of the phone.

In other words, you can lock some apps of your choice by using the app lock function of free antivirus 2019.

5.       Enhance Battery and CPU performance.

With free antivirus 2019 apart from cleaning the phone there is another inbuilt function called CPU cooler which enhances the performance of the phone CPU.

Some apps utilize the battery unnecessary when the apps or on. The battery saver function of free antivirus 2019 stops those apps and to save the battery form battery draining apps.  Built-in battery saver apps help to boost your battery performance.

6.       Notification Cleaner and Call Blocker.

The app is providing the function to block and clear the notification for different sites and promotion for the products. In everyday life, we are receiving different notifications for different sites and for certain promotions of items. The notification cleaner all unnecessary notification form the phone and clears the unwanted data.

The second option of the app to block calls for unwanted numbers. With call Blocker, you can customize the numbers on your phone and you can block spam calls.

Antivirus free 2019 can block all annoying spam calls, blacklist calls to provide quality assistance.

7.       App Reviews.

Till today the app is reviewed by more than 5.5 million and the rating for the app is 4.8 out of total 5. When the rating with google play store is higher the app consider to be the best among its category.  

You can also find positive comments for the app at google play store. Most of the users comment as the best app for Android phones.

8.       App Information and Requirements

The app is recently updated on 23 January 2019 and the size of the free antivirus 2019 is 8.5 M, the current version of the app is 1.2.3 and requires Android 4.1 and higher operating system.


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  1. Very useful indeed, it helps me in my virus removing in my affected mobile, i found this in third page of google, and loved it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. yes it is usful antivirus and recently updated version. For android it also helps to remove junck files and clear cash. Enhance performance of android device.