ARK Survival Evolved Apk Download for Android

ark survival evolved free to play is an updated game of google play store. The game is developed by www.wardrumstudios in November 2018. The ark survival requires android 7.0 and till to date, 1 million users have downloaded from google play store.

Ark survival evolved is a unique game consists of more than eighty dinosaurs. The game provides the opportunity to meet with other players with friends and to work from tribes and work together to make colonies for survival.

The survival evolved subscription of two types one is monthly and the others is a yearly subscription for the game. For the subscribers, it removes all the adds. The subscriber is also able to choose preferred survival and preferred slots for the game. It also updates the news for the game and time to time updates for its users.

In the game, you are thrown to an island without arms and you have to survive. You have to collect all the necessaries to live. You have to build shelter collecting other resources for crafts etc. You have to generate food cultivate land and produce crafts.

The game is not for normal devices and you can play the game on greater than 7.0 and ram for the game should be above 4GB. If you will play the game on a normal device it will become heated. So before downloading the game, you should know that your android set makes sure that the set having 7.0 or above.

The above was the short description and features of the game. Hopefully, you will enjoy the game.

For downloading ARK survival evolved I am sharing two types of links one is ----------- and other is for direct download from google play store.

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