World Cricket Championship 2 Apk - Download Free For Android

A new 3D cricket game, World Cricket Championship 2 Apk is introduced for cricket fans by NextWave multimedia. 

Now every cricket lover can enjoy cricket gaming in their mobile at any involves many interesting and typical cricket shots like diol-scoop, helicopter shot and upper-cut! World Cricket Championship 2 Apk is made for every cricket fan!
You can make your own team squad and buck up your own teams by banners. It also has different animations, more cricketing stadiums, more balance and camera angles. 

This cricket game “world cricket championship 2” has more and better features due to which it becomes more dynamic and multipurpose in the cricket gaming. Have more fun!
Features of World Cricket Championship 2 Apk are:

  • It includes 69 typical batting shots and 8 more bowling actions.
  • Play the Blitz tournament and have fun free.
  • Magnetic fielders with spectacular catches and immediate throws to make the challenger stun.
  • Genuine ball physics which acts to the pitch (dead, dusty and green).
  • Player qualities – the player can get more skills for playing good this helps them to progress increasingly
  • It contains 18 different international teams,10 national teams, 24 unique stadiums, TEST cricket, many interesting events and more than 4 tournaments involving world cup, world t20 cup, Blitz tournament, and ODI series.
  • Bands of cricket mode where we can select the different type of mode and enjoy.
  • Friendly challenge enables you to challenge your friends to enjoy.
  • If a batsman doesn’t choose a good shot selection he can get injured.
  • The feelings of fielders change according to the match.
  • The visual appeal of the game looks good due to the cinematic cameras and real-time lighting.
  • The game data is represented by the 3D wagon wheel.
  • Bowling summary & for Leg Before the Wicket appeals Hawk-eye view is easy to clear.
  • Display for innings run score is in 3D Bar chart.
  • Multiple camera angles are useful for Ultra slow motion Action replays.
  • More than 40 in-game camera angles are displaying real game.
  • Two batting controls (Classic and Pro).
  • Two distinctive batting ends camera settings (Bowler's end and Batsman's end).
  • Fielders are arranged with cutting-edge ball - head coordination framework.
  • Professional English and Hindi Audio critique with dynamic ground sounds.
  • Common field position to control your adversary batsman in all modes.
  • Offer and spare amusement features produced toward the finish of the match.
  • You can alter the playing 11 groups, player names, and their parts.
  • Misfielding, shocking wicketkeeper gets, snappy confusing and tight third umpire choices to make reasonable cricketing knowledge.
  • 26 new batting shots with fielding, umpiring and tossing animations

    I bet you will love this game. Don’t miss chance and download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk and enjoy your time. To Download World Cricket Championship 2 Apk for free on your android device, just click on the link given below.

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