Idle Heroes Apk File Download latest Version for Android

The most loved Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk is here on Downloadapkpure. If you are also a crazy fan of idle heroes, just click on the link given below and download Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk for free on your Android device. 
Download Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk on your mobile or any android device with version 2.3 and up and be the part of Idle Heroes players and begin with the thrilling and exciting expedition that will start with Sara Forest and will lead towards the High Heaven. Play the Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk and keeping the levels up and up.  The trill is when the group of heroes will enter into ancient ruins and will go on to the battle of the dark forces!

FEATURES of Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk:

1. Train the heroes
 IDLE System is the very unique way to train the heroes. You can train the heroes, while staying away. After getting to phone your heroes will be more powerful to fight.
2. Evolve the heroes
 200 heroes of different abilities will fight for you. Evolving Strategy of this game is amazing; it will activate the fighters or will evolve the heroes in to super natural creatures.
3. Fun elements
Large numbers of battlegrounds and large quantities of prison, brave and valiant fighter, inexplicable towers, fields, and leagues are the best of this game to take pleasure.
4. Fight together 
You can be part of a multiplayer group of boss-battles and play to win the game, thus you can lead your group or league to the top. With your friends or companions, you can flight or play the game of war to have supremacy over other players.
5. Leaders board
Begin a journey with your best legends to do fight in the field. Multiplayer challenge is for you to show your strength and power to other players! Get on the top of leaders board to win the champions prize.

Newly added features of Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk;

1. You can subscribe Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk in the app store.
2. Addition of Aspen Dungeon 2.0 version is trilling
3. Added new techniques for Group players.
4. Guild Store is more manageable.
5. 500 layers of Tower Of Oblivion layers is supper cool
6. Sigmund, Vesa, Skerei are the best addition 
7. Now no more bugs and pop ups for advertisements  
8. Requires android device with 2.3 and up version

Thanks to DHGAMES for offering this amazing game for crazy game lovers. I bet you will love this amazing game. Now don’t waste your time, just click on the download link to download Idle Heroes 1.12.0 Apk for free on your android device. 

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