Tekken 3 Download Free Moded Apk + Data for Android

Tekken 3 is among the best fighting games which are available for downloading and playing on Android Smartphones and tablets for free. To download Tekken 3, the link is provided below. Tekken 3 is the third one in the famous fighting game series of Tekken. 

This game was released by the Sony Play Station and this latest version has a large number of modes. The best and most interesting mode is the Arcade mode. This game focuses on playing on the third axis which permits all the characters to step in or out by pressing the arcade stick towards the adjacent direction. There are many changes made in this version as compared to the previous one. The heights in the game are more realistic now and air combat can be controlled in a better way. The engine is also improved a lot which recovers from knockdowns in a short period of time and more getting rid of hurdles. Jumping in a better way and extra creation of new throws. After winning from 12 fighters then a new character will be introduced to you to fight with. After unlocking and proceeding to the new levels, you will get into the Volley Ball mode. This mode is quite funny to play as the little dragon. It has the funniest hits in it. It also features the mini-game in the style of Streets of Rage named as the Tekken Force. In this mini-game, the player has to fight against the enemies and go through various levels with the side-scrolling.

ü  Availability of different modes
ü  Many characters in the game
ü  Battles to be fought dynamically
ü  Controls are easy and simple
ü  Wonderful 3D graphics and amazing quality of sound

ü  Updated: latest
ü  Version: Moded
ü   Size: Varies

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