Royal Revolt 2 + Data Apk Download for Android

Royal Revolt 2 is the game based on the strategies and full of actions accessible to the users of android for their phones and tablets. To download Royal Revolt 2, follow the download link and play now. This game has also received an award in which your army needs to be proceeding towards the battle and keep protecting your throne from the competitors across the world. To become the real king, upgrade your kingdom, provide best defenses and make strong alliances. Basically, there are two main aims in the game. 

Firstly, you have to make your kingdom into the unbreakable opponents against your opponents. Secondly, you have to gather the treasures from around the world. You need to construct the huge fortress in which you can easily adjust your troops and provide support to the buildings such as pubs and farms. In this part, the most important thing to note is that construct the strong road which leads towards the kingdom. Because this is the way from where your enemies might come and attack your kingdom. 

Various kinds of traps can be played on the road like barricades, spikes, archer towers, cannon towers, and others. All you need to not to allow your enemies to enter and conquer your whole empire. If your kingdom is full of protection so it is your turn to attack the enemies.


ü  Hold your king and proceed your army towards the battlefield
ü  Protect your castle from your enemies by making dangerous routes
ü  Make your own kingdom and progress your army to become more powerful
ü  Contribute in the events on regular basis like ‘Alliance Wards’ where work can be done as a team
ü  Join and start the discussion with the friends for the formation of the alliance


ü  Updated: Apr 27,2017
ü  Version: 3.2.0
ü   Size: 73.65 MB

Download link:

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