Last Day on Earth Survival Apk Download for Android

Last day on Earth survival Apk is the android game based on the survival from the zombies. For downloading Last day on Earth survival moded Apk, visit the link under the heading of the download link. 

The main aim in this game is to stay survived as much as you can. No place has remained for the friendship and love. Whenever the zombie comes towards you, only believe on yourself and your gun. Construct the better shelter from the resources you have found. In this android game, discover the wild and deserted lands. 

Cut down the trees, get the stones and search the secret places along with supplies. You need to be careful every moment as the zombie can attack you anytime. Craft the weapons from the objects in order to face the attacks from the monsters. Make the team with your friends and make the alliances which will increase the chances to survive. Construct your own base and attack the other bases as well to gather the trophies. 

The whole gameplay is all about the destruction of the zombies so you need to make the decision very carefully. If you make any mistake or fail to start again from the beginning. You might also get killed from another player as well. Sometimes, your partner might save you from attacks but not always and you might get shot from any enemy at any moment. 

Select any of the solutions which might safe you for a long period of time. Stay away from the zombies and monsters whose aim is to wipe the people from the world.


ü  High quality of graphics in the game
ü  Various constructions
ü  Crafting of the objects
ü  Playing with the friends
ü  Requires an internet connection


ü  Updated: Jun 9, 2017
ü  Version: 1.4.1
ü   Size: 87.96 MB

Download link:

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