Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA 3) Apk Download for Android

Grand Theft Auto 3 is a popular game. The game is available at different platforms in different varieties. You are able to play the game on your iPhone, Android and on the computer. You have given complete freedom in playing the game and you can do whatever you like to do fun. There are interesting missions in the game. 

The characters in the game look like real. The game is awesome. This is a very influential game of all the time. With different types of vehicles, you can chase the missions. You can do shooting action scenes and also street battles and collect money. 

The money you collect through these actions can be utilized to buy different types of weapons and other things you like to buy. In this game, you have full control in the hands of criminal character. There are different stages in the mission which you have to accomplish with your friends. 

Grand Theft Auto 3 game dozens of firearms and cold puts at your disposal that you can kill anybody you want. This is the latest version in which is available in different languages like, French, English, Italian, German, Spanish and Japanese. In this latest version, there are bug fixes and the graphics are improved. 

The graphics used in the game are very advanced and looks like real. We are providing you with the latest version which is compatible with all types of phones and tablets. You can buy weapons by collecting money. The weapons in the game are of different varieties. Download the game and start playing with your great art to win the game and gain different types of prizes and enjoy.


Some features of the game Grand Theft Auto 3:
  • Awesome game.
  • Great game characters.
  • Great designed vehicles.
  • Excellent graphics.
  • Simply understandable language.
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