Download Free Grand Theft Auto (Gta 4 apk + data) for Android

Download Grand Theft Auto (GTA 4 Apk + data) for Android
You will now download Grand Theft Auto IV: GTA 4 apk + data) for your phones and tablets having Android (Total Size: 1.3 GB)  [no survey], an action game which is a sequel to Gand Theft Auto 3 is developed by Rock Star games. Gta 4 provided here is the free and full version which is also supported for android 4.0.

The game is based on  Liberty City  where players complete missions and perform various tasks to progress through the story  like you do on PC. .In Grand Theft Auto 4 it is possible to run multiple missions simultaneously  Apart from completing missions, the player can freely enjoy the open world of the game i.e you can can ride a bicycle , drive a car or any other vehicle, wander freely and use cheat codes.

Grand Theft Auto IV (Gta 4 apk + Data) Features:
You can use numerous features of the game i.e  melee attacks including firearms and explosives to combat your enemies and to defend yourself, you can also perform actions of a real world - you can can run, swim, jump or use cars and motorbikes to travel where ever you want. While Fighting, auto-aim can help you to aim and to defend yourself from enemies.

You can use your health meter to check the status of your health which can be damaged through injury or enemy attack. You can recover your health by eating food or you can go to the hospital. 

You can commit crimes during the gameplay which triggers wanted meter to be increased  subsequently the police may respond. There are some stars displayed On the meter which indicate wanted level.

Some other basic Features of gta 4 (Apk + Data):
Stunning Graphics and 3-D animations
Multiple Missions
Freely enjoy the open world of the game
Apply various cheat codes
Experience Real World Scenarios 
Drive Vehicles and enjoy the free ride
There are many cheats which you can apply. 
You can easily download the game in lesser time as it is compressed ta 

Download Grand Theft Auto 4  (gta 4 apk + data) no survey:
Following are steps to Download Grand Theft Auto IV without survey (for Free):

Steps to download and install  gta 4 apk + data (obb): Step 1: Download apk and data:
Install Advanced Download Manager (ADM) Apk to download large files.[Recommended]
Download Grand Theft Auto 4 Apk and additional files From Below:

Download GTA 4 APK Here

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