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Here android users can Football Craft (Soccer) Apk for their Android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Football Craft (Soccer) Apk for android, the link is provided. 

Basically, Football Craft (Soccer) is the base of the rest of the soccer games. The player has to make his own strategies for shooting and kicking the ball. This game provides him full accessibility of shooting along with the real-time physics and calculations. It gives amazing kick experiments which are being waited for the players to play. 

Keep upgrading your skills to score more and more and soon make the best goal ever. After the completion of the football (soccer) tournaments, the player will proceed to the higher levels. These are definitely difficult to play. He will also receive skills per 100000 points or after the completion of the tournament mode. 

The up-gradation of the skills of the player can be done depending on the skill stars received by him. In this game, various kicking experiments are being waited for the player. In the tournament level, there are 16 teams present at the first difficulty level. The new feature added is “Today’s Best Goal’ has been added.

ü  Wonderful 3D graphics
ü  There are 5 modes in the game: Football (Soccer) Tournament, Online, Wall Kick(Freekick), Hit Targets, Random Shoots
ü  Three difficult levels available
ü  Capable to watch the reply goals
ü  Extreme slow motion effects
ü  The playing skills of soccer players can be upgraded
ü  The soccer player and equipment can be customized
ü  Feature of adjusting the direction of the shoot
ü  Challenging attributes of the goalkeeper
ü  Three kinds of high score list: Best Goals, Best Averages, Best Total Scores.

ü  Updated: Feb 13, 2015
ü  Version: 1.7.0
ü  Size:  20.78 MB

Download link:

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