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Google earth plus is a 3D interactive globe that is used to aid planning,analyzing and decision making processes.It has been loved by all the users around the world that use it for businesses,governments and many other professional uses.It helps in visualization,site planning and information tools.

                                            Some of the benefits and key features of google earth plus are as follows.

  • Now you can get productive with the advanced measuring tools and drawing tools in the google earth plus.You can plan,visualize and measure a site without even leaving your place.
  • Now you can make better decisions according to the visualization of your own information in google earth plus and analize all yourdata remotely.
  • You can also make a video with google earth plus that can be shared with the customers and stakeholders which will provide a unique view of your project based on any location project.
  • You can calculate the distance in feet,miles,kilometers,acres and more parameters.You can plan the distance between the two turbines or the length of a runway or may be the circumference of a new retail centre.
  • You can get instant and fast area and radius measurements to determine the buffer zone for an energy plant or the cement needed for a new parking lot project. Sounds amazing! yeah
  • You can get 3D measurements to determine the height of a tower,measure the distance from the new residence to a nearer park and also the line of the sight to the ocean.
  • It allows you to make better decisions on the basis of advance visualization as you can research properties with ease by zooming in to view parcel boundaries for millions of locations in the United States.You can click on an icon to see last price sold,zoning and much more.You can also recieve additional parcel reports from dataquick.
  • The easy to read maps show demographic data feild.You can make informed business decisions using median age,income,education level and many more for your country or state.
  • You can easily analize and calculate viewpoints,measuring distances and visualizing a 360 degree line of a sight with an easy to interpret colour code 3D view.
  • It better understands the historic traffi using easy to read mapped icons.Make sense of large data sets by visualizing them on the globe.The traffic count layer allows you to have access over 30 years of traffic count data..
  • You can import ESRI shape (SHP),Mapinfo (TAB),Keyhole markup language (kml) files and much more.It also let you optimize the Vector Data Regionation and much more.
  • You can import large images files that are automatically optimized for intelligent viewing.Its super image overlays allow your images to split into tiles and scaled on the basis of zoom level.
  • You can map out thousands of addaresses in the time that you needed to find a single address.
  • You can create maps of your data with very few clicks.You can change the colour,size and height of a whole data set within seconds.
Isn't it amazing? It is already loved by all the users that proudly work with it.You can download Google Earth Plus from the link below.
Download Google Earth Plus Here

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