Kaspersky Mobile Security Pro Latest Full APK Free Download for Android

Kaspersky is the best mobile security out there and is prefered by thousands of users around the world.Kaspersky is very easy to install and use as it walks you step by step through the setup which involves a few steps and then you are ready to use this awesome app.You also have to create a account for Web management and a secure Pin. Kaspersky provides comprehensive and ideal tools for the protection of android devices.It protects your data from any kind of virus and malware and let you enjoy the perks of android while you browse the web.

This app also blocks the unwanted calls and text.It provides real time protection to your data so that if your device is stolen or lost then you can easily wipe all of your data.You can also locate your device if its lost.Some key features of Kaspersky Mobile Security Pro are as follows
  • It scans all the files when they are opened and also scans all the data on your android device automatically and tells you about the stats of the data and viruses if it find any.It scans all the files opened,saved and executed.
  • It scans all the new apps after installation and all those apps too that are already installed.
  • It automatically detects the adware and riskwares that can become a cause of hacking and theft of data on your android device,
  • You can also shedule the scanning process and demand for it to search for the viruses,malware and other harmful material that can harm the security system of your device.
  • You can get sheduled or demand for the Antivirus updates for your android device.
  • It also provides a very good feature of blocking all the unwanted calls and texts as these are also a part of security of your android device.
  • It is anti theft and totally protects all your data from being stolen by any hacker or user and in case your mobile is lost or stolen you can save all your data by wiping off the storage of your device.
  • You can lock your device when sim card is replaced and your phone is switched on without a sim card.
  • You can control the device remotely when it is lost and stolen.Thus,you can lock it away with your data on it.
  • It protects all the pictures,videos,audios and apps from viruses and harmful content that is harmful for your mobile device and can slow down the performance of your device.
  • Unlike other security apps,it does not slows down the performance of your android device but it enhances the performance and device works more faster.
  • You can also get website filters and this amazing app protects you from all the phishing and harmful sites with contents containing viruses.It automatically detects the viruses from the links you are going to click the next second.
  • You can control the device application settings by the remote control and Protect your data according to the Corporate Security Policy.
  • When ever you lost your device or if its stolen,you can contact the administrator to fetch back your all data for you and protect your personal data on the android device.
  • Administrator can access the list of apps being installed on your mobile device and suggests which of them are harmful and good for your mobile device.
  • You can contact administrator and he can also restrict access to the features of your mobile phone such as wifi networks i-e your phone will not get connected with any wireless internet connection.
  • It also restrict the access to the camera and your device's camera will stop working on the spot.
  • This amazing app comes up in different languages like ENGLISH,FRENCH,GERMAN,RUSSIAN.
  • This app requires and demand Android 2.2 - 4.2
  • Its minimum screen resolution is 320*480
  • It must be installed to the main storage of the memory of the device instead of SD CARD.
  • It works best for smart phone and tablets.
You will never regret downloading this amazing security app for your phone. Switch on to KASPERSKY and forget your worries about Data protection and viruses.. You can download it from the link below absolutely free of cost.

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